Ludmilla Le Maître

Executive director

Graduated in Journalism and Public Relations from Facha and holds an MBA in Marketing from COPPE/UFRJ and specialization in Economy from FGV. Led a team winning the Aberje 2009 award from the Espirito Santo and Rio de Janeiro regions in the Press Relations category. Joined the Rio de Janeiro municipal communications teams during the mandates of mayors, Cesar Maia and Luiz Paulo Conde. Has been a member of the CDN team for 12 years and has worked in customer relations for clients such as TIM, Via Varejo, ArcelorMittal, Agência Nacional do Petróleo e Biocombustíveis, Petrobras, L’Oreal and Varig, among other companies and institutions. Currently heads up account services for Eletrobrás Furnas.