Generating quality content is one of CDN’ expertise.From planning to editing, the agency develops and produces different types of publications – books, magazines, newsletters, annual reports as well as sustainability reports – whether directed to internal or external audiences; displayed in print or digital platforms.

On digital platforms, audiovisual content has gained strength in terms of user preference, especially on mobile. CDN has its own staff and studios for video production, focusing on the different social media that allow video sharing.

In addition to conventional formats, CDN develops special projects in which books and different formats of  publications are integrate with other initiatives and tools, pointing out and strengthening an equivalent strategic concept.It is in this context that fall audiovisual productions, which make up and enrich the projects designed in the light of integrated communication strategies. Images, sounds and testimonies, displayed on TV series or programs, documentaries, corporate or institutional videos, are a powerful means to impart, disseminate or make concepts, ideas and achievements of companies, entities or organizations tangible.

The CDN team is also able to plan and develop infographics and other materials for online or offline use.

What we do