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The CDN provides Media Relations Services to the Instituto Akatu pelo Consumo Consciente since 2001, when the NGO was founded.  The services are for the purpose of encouraging interest on the part of  the journalistic medium in the concept and practice of conscientious consumption Most notable among some of the actions already undertaken are the disclosure of research and actions taken by the Institute and initiatives such as the recent study “Caminhos para Estilos Sustentáveis de Vida – Gatilhos e Barreiras para a Adoção de Práticas Sustentáveis”, (Paths toward Sustainable Life Styles, Triggers and Barriers to the Adoption of Sustainable Practices) presented to the Environmental Ministry in Brasília, last year.

Se Toque

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Founded in 2005 by Monica Serra, the Instituto Se Toque is a not for profit organization certified as an OSCIP (Public Interest Social Organization) (D.O.U [Federal Official Gazette] dated 02/09/2010), engaged in promoting health through education focused on breast cancer. Owed to environmental factors, the increased life expectancy and the adoption of harmful health habits, the number of cancer cases has increased at a frightening rate throughout the world, and breast cancer is no exception.


Therefore, the Institute strives to develop strategies and methodologies for the purpose of contributing toward reducing the occurrence and mortality of the disease through means of health education. The health education projects of Touch Yourself are always conducted from schools in the public school system, also involving communities that live in the surrounding areas – most of which are located in vulnerable areas of the city, where modern health care centers are unavailable. We work in the city of São Paulo, at all times in conjunction with the Municipal Health and Education Departments, because we believe that a highly complex issue such as breast cancer requires joint efforts to achieve the desired impact and have a long lasting effect.



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The Instituto JNG is a not for profit entity, authorized as an Organização Social de Interesse Público (OSCIP) (Public Interest Social Organization), headquartered in Rio de Janeiro. This initiative was started by the mothers of  João, Nicolas and Gabriella (JNG) –three Mentally Challenged children – who when  they age out of school had to face reality – little expectation for work and living alone – decided to seek out an innovative way to take on the issue of adult inclusion life, choosing the topic of independent living arrangements as a basis. The Institute was then created for the purpose of identifying, promoting, coordinating and executing social inclusion projects for people with intellectual handicaps (DI), focused on independent living with individualized support.

In Brazil, there is still no housing model for handicapped persons as in other more advanced countries.  Nevertheless, the Instituto JNG saw that it is also possible to build this important chapter for social inclusion. Therefore, the ONG has formalized a partnership with the Ability Housing Association, an association that promotes independent living in the United Kingdom, with many success cases. The British experience has shown that anyone can live alone. What varies is the amount of resources needed to support it. The objective is not to copy the existing module, since Brazilian reality is different, but rather a consultancy whereby Brazil has one on which to construct its own model.

Since then, the Instituto JNG has worked at building domestic and international networks and partnerships which enable the expansion of borders in the lives of mentally handicapped persons, creating new perspectives, especially in the area of social inclusion. The Instituto JNG is based on four relationship bases for dialogue: Public Policies, Architects and Urban Planners, Families and Health Professionals.

The Instituto JNG is presided over by the economist, Flávia Poppe, who holds a Masters degree in Social Planning (London School of Economics), and Doctorate in Public Administration (Universidad de Buenos Aires).



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CDN provides Media Relations services for ArteSol – Artesanato Solidário -, an NGO whose mission is to support safeguarding traditional artisanal techniques, preserving the identity of communities and Brazilian culture.  ArteSol was conceived in 1998 by the anthropologist, Ruth Cardoso and the objective is to safeguard traditional Brazilian cultural arts and crafts and create work opportunities and income for artisan communities throughout Brazil. Today, ArteSol totals over 100 projects implemented in 17 Brazilian states, involving roughly 5,000 artisans and indirectly benefiting over 25,000 people.